Where to find the best free stock photos

Stock photos are handy for bloggers and are especially useful when you don’t have time to take photos or are using them for marketing purposes. I have used them in the past and have a folder dedicated to stock photos, so I always have a back-up when needed. Plus, they are a useful resource for when you need a little blogging inspiration! This post is all about where to find the prettiest, free stock photographs. Pin the image above to save this page for later!

What are Stock Photos?

Quite simply, stock photos are photos that have been shared with websites for free use. The photos can be downloaded for all sorts of things such as, blog posts, social media or marketing products. The majority fall under a licence that allows you to use the photos for whatever you need without the credit however, you are not allowed to distribute them as your own or seem as your own.

A note…

While it’s tempting to use lots of stock photographs on your blog; always try to take your own. People will relate to you more plus, it gives your blog it’s own sense of identity and aesthetic. That being said, stock photos are great to have to hand. I have used them in the past for blog posts and within my email newsletter.

So, where can you find the best (and prettiest) stock photos? While there are lots of websites, here I have listed some of my favourites:


My go-to website for free stock photos. I like this site because they don’t seem to be on other stock photo websites (you may notice a lot of websites have the same images that are shared around). There are a ton of photos to choose from. Just simply type in the search bar what you’re looking for.

Creative Convex

A wonderful offering of 20 high-resolution floral photos. The kit (available via email sign up) is centred around fresh, clean whites and bright florals.

Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt has a similar mix of photos offered by other stock websites however, there is an option to search by colour which is great if you have a theme in mind. Personally, I find it better to search by word such as; “flowers” or “desk.”


A smaller website in terms of the amount of photos available however, there are a few gems like this one. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Styled Stock

A wonderful selection of free desktops, tech mock-ups with a clean, minimal yet, feminine style. A great website if you’re looking for marketing-type photos.

Ivory Mix

A fantastic site that offers 350+ stock photos through their email signup. Perfect for bloggers; they offer photos from desktops, coffee cups, home decor, flowers, cute notebooks and other lifestyle related displays.

Pic Jumbo

A fabulous array of stock photos. Everything from flowers to beauty products. While it’s on the smaller side compared to other stock websites, it’s definatly worth checking out.

Stock Snap

I adore the cute photos on Stock Snap, especially if you search the word “pink.” There are photos of pretty desks, flowers, cute stationery and other lifestyle related content.

SC StockShop

SC StockShop has some incredible photos! They offer a freebie pack of 20 images, perfectly styled and free to download if you join their email list.


A free stock photo website that offers a huge amount of photos for your blog. Don’t let the amount put you off. It’s worth scrolling through as there are some gems.


Another favourite of mine, Pexels offers amazing stock photos from very talented photographers! If you discover a favourite photographer, you can visit their page to see other other works.


Stockpic has some wonderful photos especially, travel, adventure and summer related style.

Free stock photo websites are a handy tool to have for any blogger. I would recommend making a folder to save your photos in, including where they were downloaded from and what you are allowed to use them for (it’s always worth checking the licence). I hope you have found this post useful and inspiring!


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