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This post contains gifted items from Rimmel London which have been marked in line with my disclaimer.

Rimmel London has released a new capsule collection aimed to achieve a flawless, well-groomed “Instagram” ready look. The collection consists of Fix and Go 2 in 1 primer and setting spray, Conceal and Correct palette, Fix and Matte translucent powder, Conceal and Contour palette and a Duo Contour stick. The collection is presented in a light nude / peach coloured packaging with foiled fuchsia lettering which is rather pleasing to the eye. The collection is purse-friendly with prices starting from £4.99 and is available in most beauty stores, supermarkets and online.

Insta Conceal and Contour Palette


The palette is designed to highlight, conceal imperfections and contour accentuating your best features for a flawless complexation and a sculpted face. The palette comes with three pans nestled inside: highlighter, concealer and contour. There are little labels on the lid which is handy, especially for the contouring novice. Rimmel London currently have three shades on offer: light, medium and dark. I found that the medium shade suits my skin tone best. On the reverse side of the palette is a handy guide and diagram showing where to apply all three pans. There is no brush or sponge supplied with the palette however, I tend to discard these anyway and use my own brushes. I like to add a little to my skin and then blend out with my Real Technique’s sponge, but fingertips work just as well. It’s the ideal palette for those who desire a natural look whilst still using makeup artists’ tricks of the trade to achieve a flawless look.

Starting off reviewing the highlighter, the delicate champagne hue illuminates and brightens the face giving a beautiful soft glow to the cheeks, brow bone or down the centre of the nose. The texture is really smooth and creamy making it incredibly easy to work with and blend onto the skin. I prefer to use a damp sponge as I don’t waste as much product compared to applying with a dry sponge. The highlighter is perfect for those who want a natural glow to the skin without it looking completely blinding. I would describe it as a natural dewy glow to the skin however, it can be built up by applying more highlighter to the skin.

The concealer works wonders covering small blemishes and I find it is best applied with a small brush dabbing lightly on problem areas and building up slowly until the desired coverage is achieved. This creamy concealer is really easy to work with and blends seamlessly onto the skin camouflaging blemishes. Moreover, the staying power lasts a generous 10 hours and found that I did not need to touch-up throughout the day.

Lastly, the contour pan adds definition and sculpts the face. The creamy consistency makes it easy to choose between a natural definition or a chiselled appearance by allowing the wearer to slowly build up reaching the desired look. The contour pan is very subtle and is certainly not heavy on the face. It blends out beautifully making it effortlessly easy to work with.

Insta Conceal and Correct Palette


A first for Rimmel London combining concealing and correcting properties into one single palette. The three silky smooth shades work on specific problem areas. The apricot shade neutralises dark under-eye circles, the mint shade covers blemishes and lastly, the lilac shade corrects dull and sallow skin. As with the Conceal and Contour palette there is guide and diagram on the back of the palette detailing where to apply the shades. The lightweight, creamy consistency makes it easy to work with and does not leave that ‘cakey’ appearance. When applying the product, I use my sponge as I find it easier to work with and blend onto the skin.

The apricot works well at disguising dark under-eye circles and does not crease into the fine lines. Out of the three shades, I tend to use this one the most. I use the mint green shade on blemishes that are a little more troublesome to cover than with concealer alone. Lastly, the lilac shade is designed for sallow or dull skin. I tent to apply a tiny amount to pep up my skin a little if it’s looking slightly dull, but this may be a corrector I use more in the winter months when I can suffer with dull skin. All three correctors work incredibly well and allows the wearer either apply all three or pick and choose based on their skin’s needs.

Insta Duo Contour Stick


Easily create a natural or bold sculpted and highlighted look with the double-ended contour stick. The crayon is shaped and curved to allow effortless and precise application whether it’s along the cheekbones or down the nose. There are three shades to choose from; light, medium and dark as with the Conceal and Contour palette. The buttery smooth consistency glides onto the skin and blends easily for a flawless and defined look. I like to apply the contour stick then blend with my Real Techniques brush. I find the medium shade to be best suited to my skin tone. The Insta Duo Contour Stick provides a wonderful sun-kissed glow to the skin which looks beautiful alone or built up for a stronger and more defined look. I believe out of the whole collection that the Duo Contour Sticks will be the most popular as they are incredibly easy to work with and deliver fabulous results. It certainly makes contouring and highlighting a breeze.

Insta Fix and Matte Powder


The micro-fine translucent powder gives the skin a matte finish, banishing those shiny-faced selfies. In keeping with the Insta theme, the translucent powder is engraved with the hashtag symbol. Taking my blusher brush, I gently sweep over the compact then apply softly to my skin on areas I am prone to shine which is usually my T-zone, the apples of my cheeks and slightly on my chin. As well as adding a matte finish to the skin, it can also be used to set makeup such as concealer and refreshingly, the powder does not leave a “cakey” appearance or cling to dry areas of the skin. There is a slight fragrance to the matte powder, but I noticed this quickly wore off once applied. The matte translucent powder kept the shine at bay and I found that I did not need to touch-up throughout the day.

Insta Fix and Go 2 in 1 Primer and Setting Spray


The multi-tasking spray works by priming the face before makeup application and afterwards to set it in place, keeping it looking fresh all day long without the need for touch-ups. After I have moisturised my skin, I apply a fine mist and allow to settle before applying my makeup and afterwards to set it. I hold the bottle at arm’s length and spray so a fine mist is produced (too close and I find it just simply wets the face rather than creating a fine mist). The scent reminds me of cucumber which is lovely if you like light and fresh aromas. The oil-free spray dries quickly which is great if you are in a hurry. Overall, it is a great product and is certainly does what it says.

The collection can be found in most beauty stores, supermarkets and online.


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