Quick and easy rocky road

There is nothing quite like a piece of rocky road; crunchy biscuit and soft marshmallows encased in smooth chocolate. A mouth-watering treat that is quick and simple to make and the perfect accompaniment for any movie. Best of all, this recipe only calls for a few, easy to source ingredients but of course, you can make it your own and add other ingredients. Cherries or raisins work as a delightful addition.


  • 400g melting chocolate
  • 125g golden syrup
  • 125g salted butter
  • 100g mini marshmallows
  • 200g digestive biscuits

How to

  1. Grease and line a 8/9″ square tin and place to one side.
  2. In a large bowl, add the chocolate, golden syrup and butter and melt over a low heat (alternatively, you can use the microwave). Keep stirring regularly until it is a smooth consistency is achieved.
  3. Next, add the mini marshmallows and chopped biscuits (I find placing the biscuits into a food bag and using a rolling pin to smash the biscuits helps!) Fold these into the mixture, then pour into the prepared tin. Spread the mixture until even.
  4. Pop the rocky road into the fridge to set (I find its best if left overnight). Chop into small squares, serve and enjoy!
  5. Side note: you could add raisins, cherries or even popcorn to you mixture – do this at step 3.

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