New Year’s Resolutions 2016

A new year means a fresh start, a whole 365 days of them. So for 2016, here are my resolutions:

Lose weight

There’s no denying that I have put on a little bit of weight over this past year. I feel terrible for it so I would like to lose a bit of weight and generally feel healthier. I am going to take small steps rather than trying to achieve a stupidly impossible goal but rather ‘mini goals.’ That way I won’t feel so bad. I have already set a goal in mind and how I am going to achieve it.

Worry less

There’s no doubt I am a born worrier and can worry about the smallest thing, but I am going to try super hard to put things into perspective. After all, what does worrying achieve? I’ve bought some mindfulness books and apps to help and may do a blog post about these (let me know if you would find this helpful).

Look after myself

I think we can all neglect ourselves sometimes and may feel ‘run-down’ from time to time. So in 2016, I am going to take better care of my health; making sure I get plenty of sleep, drink enough water and remember to take my inhaler.

Eat heathy

It’s true, I love baking delicious cakes and cookies and all manner of sweet treats but in conjunction with my first resolution, I’m going to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and snack less.

Exercise more

I am a little fearful of the gym environment and can feel super self-conscious especially in that situation. I have decided to take up more outdoor activities – that way I get the exercise without feeling too self-conscious. I’d like to do more walking, cycling and jogging and may even attempt going swimming!

I’d love to know what your thoughts are and what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know via the comments section.


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