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Recently, I gave my bedroom a little makeover and wanted to showcase the results. I adore the modern country style. It embraces the traditional country style with a modern update, which is exactly what I wanted to capture in my bedroom’s aesthetic. Regarding colour schemes, I wanted to keep it neutral with whites, greys and beiges then, add pops of sweet pastel ascents. I posted my colour scheme, along with shade names on my Insta Stories. I gathered my inspiration from Pinterest, Farrow and Ball and magazines to create a bedroom mood board. My top priority was to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere yet keeping it cosy and comfortable. Using white was a little challenging as sometimes too much white can leave the room feeling blank and bare therefore, using it minimally balanced out beautifully with the traditional wood finishes and subtle pastel notes. I would encourage anyone at this stage to plan, try out colour schemes and gather your ideas onto a mood board.

Next came the exciting part… home accessories! Firstly, when I saw this pretty bed linen set, I knew I had to purchase it. It features beautifully delicate embroidered flowers, empathising the country style. I had a pair of herbal gingham pillow cases spare which I think look lovely paired with the bed linen set. Its extremely soft to the skin and makes bedtime a luxury. Surprisingly, I found this bed linen set in Sainsbury’s. I say ‘surprisingly’ as the quality and intricate detail is exquisite, which is something I would have expected to pay a lot more for.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” – Jane Austin.

Secondly, I purchased two new bedside lamps. The gorgeous vintage design adds a refined and elegant touch with the embossed gold detailing on the glass base, holding an understated lamp shade creating atmospheric lighting. The soft lighting is perfect, creating a calming and relaxing ambience.

Laying throws on top of one another creates a wonderful contrast, not only in colour but, in texture. I’ve draped this beautiful soft knitted throw over my bed along with my sheepskin rug, creating a beautiful contrast and cosy atmosphere. Both the knitted throw and sheepskin are extremely soft, creating a snug and homely ambience. You can get the pink throw here and the sheepskin from here.

Thirdly, I was searching for a small bookcase for my room when I found this cute cabinet. It is the perfect place to house my books, work papers (in the drawer) and my storage boxes which cleverly disguise themselves as books. Inspired by a traditional style, the cabinet is beautifully crafted keeping everything neat and organised. I like the white-washed look, with a slight grey tint adds to the modern country style. It comes with three shelves and a glass-pane door and looks super pretty.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me” – C.S. Lewis.

I featured these sweet initial tags on my Instagram a while ago, which I purchased from Little Paperie. I’ve not quite decided what I’d like to do with them yet. I want to display them rather than use them as tags, so I’ve tacked them to old photo frame until I decide how I’d like to display them. I do think they look lovely like this though! I bought ‘E’ obviously my initial and ‘B’ for Ben, my springer spaniel who sadly passed away last year. Little Paperie stock other colours including, blue, pink and silver.

My dressing table is my favourite piece of furniture as its pretty, vintage and holds a special sentiment. My Mum donated this dressing table to me when she bought her new one. I can remember when I was a little girl sat on the bed, watching my Mum apply her makeup and comb her hair. So when I use my dressing table, it holds fond memories of my childhood. The dressing table is from The Dormy House which create the most wonderful pieces of furniture.

The trinkets and accessorise are what I have collected from independent stores. My brush holder is a mug from Cath Kidston which sustained a small chip inside therefore, I couldn’t use it to drink out of anymore, but it was too pretty to throw away so I converted it to house my makeup brushes. The glass dish holds my most-used lipsticks however, the dish is actually a tea light holder from IKEA. I bought this as it doesn’t take up a lot of space yet, its big enough for my lipsticks. The little fabric flag (just seen in the vase of flowers) is from Jane Kent Studio which I had personalised with my name. She crafts these mini flags in a variety of patterned fabrics and add a lovely touch to my dressing table.

I purchased this little wall cabinet years ago and wanted to give it a shabby chic look. I painted it white and once dried, sanded it down to create a distressed, shabby chic look. I think its turned out really well! The wall cabinet holds my perfumes, small trinkets and a few hanging decorations which I have collected from independent stores. I especially like my little wooden plaque which reads: “take time to enjoy the little things in life.” I like the fact that by painting and distressing the cabinet, it has added my own personal touch and brings a sense of uniqueness.

What better way to empathise a relaxing atmosphere than an elegant scent? The White Company is a shop I can spend hours in, from the luxury clothing to beautiful homeware accessories, their stores are utterly exquisite. I picked up one of their candles called Seychelles, which evokes the balmy breeze of an Indian Ocean island. The soothing Seychelles scent combines fresh notes of bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. It is very pleasing when entering my bedroom as the candle creates a truly beautiful aroma. If you are searching for a calming and relaxing scent for your bedroom, I would highly recommend this one from The White Company.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear your thoughts. Finally, you can let me know your thoughts, ideas or simply say hello by leaving a message in the comments section below or find me on social media.


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