5 Ways to spark creativity

Pulling fresh ideas out of your head and churning out creative content can sometimes leave you lacking inspiration and I have experienced this on a few occasions. However, having a collection of inspirational ideas is not by chance but by employing a carefully managed system allows your creative fuel to burn. Here are the steps I take to enable me to take a creative approach to blogging.

1. Have daily routines

Speaking to other bloggers, I have found a lot (including myself) are perfectionists and can suffer from self-doubt and anxiety. It can be all too easy to become trapped in a negative cycle of thoughts spinning around your head, and this acts as a terrible block to allowing creativity to flow. I find having an arsenal of tools/activities is a great way to help rid the messy, anxious thoughts. I find meditating, deep-breathing and journalling really help. In the morning, I like to jot down my to-do list, any errands I need to run, or phone calls I need to make. I find by getting my notes onto paper, helps de-clutter my mind, allowing clearer-thinking and a balanced start to the day. When my thoughts start to spiral, I reach for my journal or practice mindfulness or deep-breathing exercises, which help me cut through the noise and allows me to feel grounded again.

2. Listen to an inspiring Podcast

Most of my inspiration comes from listening to a Podcast. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Tea & Tattle – discussions are held on books, style tips, travel, happiness and more.
  • Pressing Pause – positive ways to help those who overthink including, mindfulness and self-care.
  • Makefulness – adding passion to living with helpful tips and tricks.
  • Nature & Nourish – those seeking slow-living, a slice of nature and a nourishing way of life.

3. Read more

Books are definitely one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Reading a wide variety of books, from fiction to non-fiction, journals, articles, essays, and poems exposes you to new ideas and perspectives, which may spark an interesting idea of your own. Reading around your area of interest is also good. For example, a beauty blogger may well read around the latest beauty trends and new product launches. I like to read through country-inspired magazines to see what the latest country interiors and decor are and sourcing local and independent shops. Similarly, I enjoy reading natural history and wildlife books which always sparks my imagination and creativeness.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

It can be too easy to fall into your comfort zone. We all have our favourite authors, TV shows, restaurants, Instagram feeds etc that keep your in your own personal bubble. however, in order to grow as a person, it is essential to stretch yourself. By making a conscious effect to try something new is an excellent way to keep an open-minded outlook on life and helps you become more adaptive and resilient to change.

5. Take a break

Try not to force creativity but allow it to come naturally. Try taking a break and do a different activity that you find fun. I enjoy needle-felting and I an currently learning brush-lettering and as these activities occupy my hands, it allows my mind to wander freely. I love seeing a little ball of fluff turn into something wonderful or the brush gliding over the paint adding a wash of colour.


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