5 Great post ideas for Instagram Stories

There’s no denying it, I love Instagram. I enjoy sharing pretty photos as well as discovering lovely accounts to follow. When Instagram first introduced their new ‘Story’ feature, I was slightly confused and somewhat unsure what it was. For me, it seemed like something else to create content for but slowly I realised its benefits for keeping my followers up to date on my life, showing them behind the scenes rather than creating the perfect image for my permanent feed. There are some creative ways you can use Instagram Stories – here are 5 of my personal favourites:

Behind the scenes

Obviously, the main draw for Insta Stories is that you can share a ‘not-so-perfect’ image or snap. It takes less effect in terms of editing and you don’t have to worry about its permanence (unless you add it to your Highlights). If you are a blogger, it might be sharing your blogging process for example. It could be explaining how you edit your photos. There’s so many creative snaps you can share.

A “real life” moment

Sharing a real-life, unfiltered moment allows your followers to connect with you more. It could be a chit-chat, a reaction or a personal life moment. I have seen many bloggers do these Stories such as, chatting about their plans for the day, unboxing gifts or sharing where they they are having their lunch and so on.

Travel adventures

If you’re traveling; share your adventures with your followers! This is a great way of sharing your wonderful photos and videos without overdoing things on your permanent feed.

A simple tutorial

We have all done that mindless tap through Stories however, it’s a lot nicer if you share something that is memorable that will leave your followers feeling excited or have learnt something from you. You might have seen these types of Stories with beauty bloggers sharing a makeup tutorial or a photographer showing different editing techniques. It can even be a tip or trick or something new you have discovered.

A preview

A great way to share a sneak peek of your new blog post or YouTube video is on Instagram Stories. Let’s say for example you are a baker, you might want to show a preview of your latest dish and may want to direct your followers to your blog or video so they can get the recipe. I like to do this preview when I have published a new blog post.

Do you use Instagram Stories? If so, what kinds of things do you like to share? Let me know in the comments section!


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