30 Days Self-Care Challenge.

Self-care is so important. Like we take care of our physical selves, it is also important to take care of our mental and spiritual selves. Sometimes our lives dictate and we become so busy we neglect ourselves. We can feel unhappy, run-down and exhausted. So, this ‘challenge’ aims to put a little bit of me-time back into your daily routine. It can be as simple as setting 10-15 minutes aside or a luxurious long afternoon to yourself.

Day One

Set a date with yourself. When is the best time and place to check in with yourself? Perhaps it’s first thing in the morning or in the evening? Spend 10-15 minutes for some self-care. Set a reminder by popping it in your diary or calendar. A handy little app called What’s Good combines breathing exercises with jotting down little positive notes. You can set a reminder too and reflect on the positive things that have happened during the day.

Day Two

Be positive. Write down some words or phrases that describe you. Pop them into a jar and on days when you’re feeling a little frayed, you can use them as a reminder. I have a mini Kilner jar that I call my ‘positive jar’ and I use pretty paper and washi tape to decorate my positive words and phrases.

Day Three

Eat well. Try to eat a balanced variety of foods. Maybe find a new recipe to try or buy that wonderful cookbook that’s on your wishlist. Your body is a temple – treat it just so.

Day Four

Get outside. Feel the sunshine on your face or the breeze through your hair. If time doesn’t allow for a leisurely walk, why not change up your lunch time by swapping the office desk for sitting in a park for your lunch?

Day Five

Feel proud. What have you achieved recently? Jot down your achievements – big or small and celebrate them!

Day Six

Try something new. Step out of your comfort zone and say ‘yes’ to trying something new. Stay curious and give it a go. It could be trying a new hobby or a new recipe.

Day Seven

Listen to music. Pop on your favourite music or create a playlist of your favourite songs. I like to use Spotify to create playlists or listen to the ready-made lists. You can even search by genre or mood.

Day Eight

Do something you love. Be a craft, a yoga class or simply going for a coffee, pick something that brings you joy knowing you’ll look forward to it all day.

Day Nine

Notice your skills. What are your strengths? Use them at work / college and notice the difference it makes.

Day Ten

Nurture your body. Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with your favourite products. Light some tea lights or candles, grab a book and listen to soothing music. Bliss.

Day Eleven

Get active. Walk, run, cycle, stretch. Get active and move your body. Try simple swaps such as taking the stairs rather than the lift.

Day Twelve

Say ‘no’. Know your limits and set healthy boundaries. Say ‘no’ or ‘not now’ if it means taking care of yourself.

Day Thirteen

Listen to a podcast. Tune in to a podcast on your favourite topic. There are lots of wonderful podcasts discussing all kinds of themes, ideas and inspirations. My favourite podcasts are Tea & Tattle and The Mindful Kind

Day Fourteen

Tune into a mindful apps. There are lots of fantastic apps to listen to and are a great way of adding a little self-care into your daily routine. One of my favourites is Headspace. You can work through the different sections or dip into a little mindfulness whenever you need to – the choice is yours.

Day Fifteen

Reflect. What lessons have you learnt? How have they helped you on your journey to where you are now? Take time to reflect.

Day Sixteen

Sort out stresses. Take note of what is stressing you and work out ways to reduce or remove it.

Day Seventeen

Be kind to yourself. Choose to practice self-compassion all day.

Day Eighteen

Have an early night. Sleep allows your body and mind to rest. It is even proven that sleep helps to sharpen your memory and boosts your immunity.

Day Nineteen

Make a positive wall chart. Write down your goals, aspirations, or positive words to your chart. Use photos as prompts and stick anything on that makes you feel happy.

Day Twenty

Get creative. Indulge in a crafty project or sign up to a workshop. It could be a project or hobby you love doing or perhaps try something new?

Day Twenty One

See your true beauty. Take a look in the mirror and focus on your true beauty – no ‘flaws’ allowed. You are unique and perfect as you are; accept it, respect it and show some love to the incredible person looking back at you.

Day Twenty Two

Be thankful. Make a list of things you are grateful for; big or small. Stick your gratitute list somewhere where you will see it on a regular basis such as, in your diary or on your wall.

Day Twenty Three

Reach out – ask for help. It can be hard reaching out especially when you are the one who likes to give. So today, try reaching out and take comfort in those around you showing how much they care.

Day Twenty Four

Visit a place you love. Reflect on why this is a happy place for you and why you love revisiting it.

Day Twenty Five

Pamper yourself. Book yourself a pamper session – at a spa or at home. Take time to relax and unwind.

Day Twenty Six

Practice forgiveness. Practice forgiveness to yourself and let go of what has happened already and make a choice of how to respond to yourself in a kind and loving way, starting from today.

Day Twenty Seven

Acts of kindness. Practice little acts of kindness. It could be holding the door open for someone or helping someone with their shopping. Whatever is it, take time to do a good deed today.

Day Twenty Eight

Sieze the day. Take the opportunity today with something you may normally say ‘no’ to such as, meeting a friend for lunch when you are busy at work. You’ll feel better for it.

Day Twenty Nine

Write a journal. Journals are a great way of getting thoughts out of your mind an makes it easier to make sense of things. Decorate it with stickers, highlighters and washi tape.

Day Thirty

See a friend. Plan a get-together. Maybe meet up for tea and cake at your favourite cosy cafe or perhaps plan a evening in with a movie and snacks.


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