20 Signs you’re a crazy dog lady

I love dogs. There’s no doubt about that. Being the owner of Ben (my lively Springer Spaniel), I am always out walking, sometimes crossing paths with other dog walkers or relaxing and cuddling the pooch. Growing up with dogs (Ben is my 4th) I am used to having a dog around the place and personally think it makes you a better person. It teaches you responsibility and ownership. A dog takes so much of your time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I find there is a deeply rooted, almost universal unspoken language and humour between dog owners; if you own a dog then you’ll understand this list I’ve put together. So here are the 20 signs you’re a crazy dog lady!

  1. Your dog is your baby / child.
  2. You spend most of your money on dog toys, beds and treats.
  3. You talk to your pet in a high-pitched girly voice: “Who’s a good boy / girl?”
  4. You sometimes wish your pet could text you.
  5. You have more photographs of your pet than your family.
  6. You’ve made pup-cakes and pup-cles.
  7. You’d rather spend the evening relaxing with your pet.
  8. The moment your pet sneezes and you reply “bless you”
  9. You send birthday cards to your family and friends signed from your pet.
  10. You’ve already decided on future pet names.
  11. No matter how far or how many roads you have to cross, you WILL say hello to that puppy.
  12. It pains you to leave your pet at home.
  13. You’ve done hairstyles with their ears, painted their nails and took pictures saying they look so cute.
  14. No pampering is “too much” including moisturizing their pads.
  15. When you hold your pet up in front of a mirror and say: “that’s you!”
  16. Congratulating your pet for doing a poop.
  17. Exclaiming that your pet is “nude” when you take their collar off.
  18. When your pet winks at you and you return the wink.
  19. Imagined what your dog’s human voice would sound like.
  20. You’ve laid on the floor pretending to see if your dog will come rescue you.

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  1. 26/02/2017 / 6:54 pm

    Haha! I am glad you enjoyed reading my blog post. Lizzie x

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