10 ways to make life lovely

Add a little loveliness to your life by enjoying the simple things. Here is a list of ideas:

Take your dog a walk

Enjoy a walk with your canine companion using this delightfully handy ‘dog walk encyclopaedia’ website. Where to Walkies? searches for dog friendly areas and the adjustable filters allow you to broaden or narrow your search. Filters such as refreshments available, type of terrain and even toilet facilities allow you to pin-point walks suitable for you and your furry friend. I have this website bookmarked on my favourites, so I can browse for somewhere different to walk Ben and I can check out the area before I visit.

Try a new craft

Consumed in crochet or devoted to decoupage… crafts allow us to express and revel in our creative side and produce something that is quite wonderful. Not sure where to start? Try watching craft videos, read blogs or books and see what inspires you the most. I adore needle felting: it’s where a special needle presses small felt fibres together using a dabbing motion. The creations are endless, and I find it very therapeutic to do too.

Read a favourite book

Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for some time and find a peaceful spot to read… maybe in the garden or a soft armchair. I am a bookworm there is no doubt about that. I can buy a book and have finished reading it by the end of the week. My bookcase bursts with classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, and Jane Eyre to books about the English countryside, natural beauty, baking and flora.


Take a blanket and lay on the grass when the sun starts to fall and admire the breath-taking view of twinkling stars in the sky. Download Stargaze (free from the App Store) a informative app which locates and labels stars, constellations and planets providing a brief description which is great for any astrologist novice. I find using my iPad mini best with its larger screen but slim enough to travel but an iPhone works just as well.

Create a scrapbook

Store special memories in a scrapbook; these can be photos, letters, cards, tickets anything that is precious to you. Glue them in and decorate with pretty paper, washi tape and stickers. Let your imagination and creative side flow. Perhaps have a theme for your scrapbook for example, birthdays, travel or inspiration. Look in craft stores such as Hobby Craft or try websites such as ebay and Amazon for supplies.

Relax and enjoy a pamper evening

Give yourself some much needed ‘me-time’ and unwind within the peaceful bliss. Light some fragranced candles (lavender is my favourite), soak in a wonderful bubble bath and use your favourite products. Maybe listen to soothing music or open up a window to listen to the birds poetically singing.

Try a new recipe

Set some time aside or maybe at the weekend and release your inner Mary Berry! Get out those cookery and baking books and whip up wholesome food for you and your family / friends.

Visit a local woodland

Surround yourself with the joys of wildlife, flora and fauna. Explore this natural environment and let it entice the senses of sight, sound and touch. The Woodland Trust is a dedicated to protecting woodlands around Britain. Visit their website to find a local woodland. They even have a section of printable activities for children!

Pick flowers from your garden

Spring is a wonderful time to display wild flowers in your home. Why not pick some from your garden (and save some pennies) and pop into a pretty vase or use an old glass jar. I have cultivated a small plot in the garden (named “Meadow Gate”) where I have wild flowers growing including cosmos, cornflowers and sweet peas.

Organize a picnic

Take a blanket and a wicker hamper basket filled with yummy treats for you, the family and friends. Don’t forget to take cutlery and crockery (disposable is more convenient) and bask in a fantastic feast and admire the wildlife. My favourite picnic spot is my local woodland with views of surrounding farms, cattle with their young and the beautiful birds singing. During early Spring we settle our picnic site next to the Bluebells and Snowdrops (being careful not to disturb them) and relish their sweet scent.

What hobbies do you enjoy?


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