10 Ways to make life lovely

Saviour the simple pleasures in life with a few inspiring ideas.

Listen to birdsong

One of the first signs warmer and lighter days are ahead; the dawn chorus is worth getting up for. The beautifully sweet song as the first rays of sun appear is truly breath-taking. Indulge in this natural wonder.

Take part in 30 Days Wild

Make room for a little nature everyday throughout June, no matter how busy your life is. It can be something that takes a few seconds, minutes or hours! Sign up to receive a free kit full of ideas and inspiration. Read here for more details.

Enjoy an at-home facial massage

Take a little time to indulge in self-care and the pleasures of a facial massage. There is no right or wrong way, just remember to be gentle and use a product that will allow your fingertips to glide over the skin and not drag. You can be as indulgent as you like but some people swear by oils found in their kitchen cupboard!

Make a herb garden

Herbs can be added to an array of dishes. My favourite way to add herbs is in pasta dishes and salads. To make it easier while cooking, why not have a window box or a few pots outside? Then you can have a year-long, fresh supply ready to pick.

Visit a local market

Local markets are a great way to source local produce, arts and crafts and all manner of wonderful items. I always zoom towards the homemade artisan foods such as honey, pies, cordials and cheeses.

Create a feel-good playlist

Compile a list of all your favourite uplifting songs and have it handy when you’re feeling blue.

Raise a glass

Move over elderflower cordial! There’s been a huge move for a while now towards non-alcoholic alternatives. Say hello to Hedgerow Cordials… they make the most delicious and refreshing cordial flavours from lemon and mint to sloe and apple. Make cordials feel more “grown up” by adding a splash of sparkling water and a pretty paper straw.

Take a mindful stroll

When was the last time you took a walk in the countryside and appreciated the sights, sounds, smells and even touch? Next time you’re walking, take a few moments to really appreciate where you are. Take a few mindful breaths and open your senses to nature.

Enjoy the art of stamping

Revive an old traditional craft. The Little Stamp Store has a wonderful array of hand-carved wooden stamps. Add a personal touch to cards, tags, napkins, placemats and a whole array of other objects.

Be a cloud-gazer

Lay back and turn your gaze towards the fluffy white clouds… is it a dog? a flower? Download CloudSpotter app (£2.49) which helps you decipher cloud shapes and their meaning.


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