10 Ways to make life lovely

Enjoy life’s little pleasures with these wonderful ideas from floral cakes to comforting candles. Do what makes your soul smile!

Buy from local farmers and food-makers.

Choose from a wide range of produce including fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan bread and cheeses, meat, beer and so much more. Assemblies take place every week in a local venue where you can collect your order and meet the producers. Enjoy fresh, seasonal produce and help support local farmers and businesses. Find out more.

Enjoy a comforting candle.

Unwind with a beautifully scented candle. Lavender is a great scent for aiding relaxation while camomile is perfect for assisting in a good night’s sleep. Bon Lux ‘Asleep in Clouds’ candle is reminiscent of a sunny breeze drifting through with a touch of fresh linen aroma.

Spring clean using traditional utensils.

Make everyday chores a little more enjoyable with Plain Useful. With a range of lovingly crafted kitchen utensils, gardening products and laundry care products; there is something to suit your needs.

Add edible flowers to cakes & puddings.

Add a touch of springtime to cakes and puddings with pretty edible flowers. Eat My Flowers sells a range of crystallised flowers from violas to primroses and a range of floral lollipops. These delicate flowers are grown on a family farm in Dee Valley, North Wales.

Store home goods stylishly.

Combine natural textiles and patterned fabrics for a stylish look. These linen and waxed cotton storage pots from Orwell and Goode make lovely additions to any country home. They can be used for storing all manner of goods from bath products, toys or vegetables.

Send a thoughtful bouquet.

Spread happiness and joy with a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers. Look no further than Bloomon for a beautiful bunch of delicate and wild flowers. Simply choose the size of bouquet you desire along with your message and wait for the friendly postman to deliver.

Identify a wild flower.

Ever wondered what that flower is? There are many flora and fauna identification books to help with handy photos and descriptions but in today’s modern world, carrying books around can be cumbersome. So why not download an flower identification app? Plantsapp is a great app where you can send a photo of your favourite bloom and a horticultural expert will reply within 24 hours with the plant’s name and how to grow it.

Brighten up your bike.

Add a colourful yet ethical basket to your bike from The Basket Room. Handwoven from sisal grass by craft collectives in East Africa. Every sale helps the weavers with a sustainable income. Load your basket with picnic treats, flowers or even a small pup!

Take a nap.

Feeling tired? Indulge in a little nap or as I like to call them, a “horizontal life pause.” A quick 10-15 minutes can help you feel refreshed, revived and relaxed.

Take a photograph.

Take and share a photograph. You don’t need an expensive camera or equipment; a simple iPhone and good lighting will do. It could be a pretty flower, a scrumptious cake or the beautiful landscape.


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