10 Facts About Me

I enjoy reading more personal posts on blogs. I feel I get to learn a little more about the person behind the blog and is great way to connect with readers. I wanted to share a more personal post about myself and thought what better way than to list a few facts about myself. At first, my mind went totally blank (who knew it would be so hard to list facts!) but then I was soon on a roll and narrowed them down to 10 facts. If you love reading these types of posts, please leave me a comment below.

  1. I am left-handed (well, ambidextrous.) I write with my left hand but other activities such as playing badminton, using scissors or drinking tea I will use my right hand. I remember as a child I was always confused which side the knife and fork went next to a plate whenever I laid the table for dinner. My Mum would have to swap them around (the rest of my family is right handed) but I would always be muddled up which way round I wanted my knife and fork. When I was at nursery there was an incident (nothing major!) but at break time all the children ran outside to play in the sandpit or swings and I was told by the nursery teacher that I had to stay indoors. She sat down next to me with a piece of paper and forced a pencil into my right hand with her hand gripping mine. She began to make me write but as anyone will know, writing with your opposite hand is very strange and difficult! Of course, my parents weren’t happy (they had already explained to the teachers that I was left handed) but the teacher replied with “If we keep it up now, we’ll soon knock it out of her.” Like being left handed is the devil or something…
  2. I’m 5ft 2. I like being petite but sometimes can be frustrating when your jeans are too long, or you can’t reach an item off the shelf and have to ask politely to that tall (devilishly handsome) man you NEED that box of salted caramel fudge passing down to you.
  3. I love chamomile and honey tea, especially before bed time. Such a soothing and relaxing drink. It’s like a bed time ritual for me!
  4. I own a Springer Spaniel called Ben. I love dogs in general and have grown up having pet dogs. I am sure sometimes I treat Ben more like a person than a dog!
  5. I adore baking. Anything from cakes to cookies. I just love whipping up something sweet, be it a gift for a loved one or for myself and enjoying the gooey goodness. As Mary Berry would say… “Bake yourself happy!”
  6. When I was 13 months old I won a beauty competition! My Mum took me along to a photoshoot to purchase a portrait of me and the girls at the store were running a competition along with a photography company. My Mum didn’t know anything about the competition, she just wanted a nice portrait to hang up at home. The girls finally persuaded my Mum to enter the competition and I was placed in the 1-5 year old group (meaning I was one of the youngest by a month.) Obviously, there is quite a lot of difference between a 13 month old baby and a 5 year old but that was the rules. A few weeks later a letter popped through our letter box announcing that I had won! My parents went along to the shop who had displayed all my photos in their window and they got to choose which they liked to have framed. Maybe one day I might post the winning photograph of baby Lizzie…!
  7. You’ll probably know from my blog and Instagram that I love pastels, especially when used in interior design. I think it looks really pretty and almost calming as against brash, bold hues. I am very fond of shabby chic and vintage styles too.
  8. I love spring time. Beautiful fresh flowers, baby lambs, bird-chirping weather, sunshine are just some of the things I love about spring.
  9. A few of my favourite movies are Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, Pride and Prejudice, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  10. I enjoy going out and socializing with my friends but there’s nothing more I love than staying in with a good movie, snacks and snuggling up.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section.


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