Elizabeth Wilson

AnLei, Inc.

Elizabeth has over five years experience living and working in China. She currently resides in Guangzhou, where her company provides a number of services for business buying products from China. Graduating high school at sixteen, Elizabeth attended a prestigious liberal arts university in Texas. While there she built upon previous interest in China through intensive language, cultural studies and time abroad. Her innate people skills, empathy and critical reasoning were further honed during a rigorous undergraduate approach to psychology. She makes the most of her courage and intellect living and working in a foreign country. With a quick wit, conversational personality, and strong work ethic she brings her experience, language skills, passion for cultural exchange and the arts to all her endeavors.

Personal Perspective & Career Vision

"The world grows more connected and interdependent with each passing day; only when we recognize this can we truly maximize our enterprise potential. It is vital that we incorporate cultures beyond our native sphere into our personal and work perspectives, by doing so we become more versatile, competitive, and universally appealing. My experience abroad, living and working in a culture not my own has given me an in-depth understanding of the advantages and challenges China poses to business and specifically the supply chain. I have had to utilize my language skills in unique ways, and been exposed to various work environments, living in a big city but performing quality control inspections in Chinese factories. I believe these skills make me a valuable talent uniquely positioned to embrace uncertainty and adapt to change in the fast paced world of supply chain management."

AnLei, Inc.

Texas, USA

Guangzhou, China

Founded 2013

Operating out of Guangzhou China, but with a home base in Texas AnLei, Inc. offers digital supply chain services, project management, and risk management for clients doing business in China. Anlei Inc. is in the unique position of offering an American standard of quality, ethics, and problem solving to clients' operations in Mainland China. From sourcing and trade negotiations, to purchase order management and quality control Anlei, Inc. seeks to bridge the gap between clients in the United Sates and Factories in China to provide smooth communication and execution in the supply chain for international trade.

Services Include: Sourcing, supplier qualification, customized quality control inspections, purchase order management, trip planning, factory visits, personal assistant services and follow up services for Trade Fairs, sourcing, aid in communication and negotiation between clients and suppliers, and cooperation with existing purchasing and logistics infrastructure.

Work Experience


AnLei, Inc.

  • Period: June 2013- Present
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Job Type: Management
  • Overseeing company progress and accounts
  • Ensuring acquisition and timely completion of projects
  • Interacting with clients to ensure their needs are met

Senior English Editor

W4 Guangzhou

  • Period: September 2015- Present
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Job Type: Editor, Foreign Representative
  • Organized content direction and creation for English language content with a focus on accessibility and engagement for English and Chinese readers
  • Implemented promotions and initiatives on Chinese social media targeted at increased membership and user activity
  • Represented the company during interviews, promotional events, and interactions with key figures in Guangzhou

Purchase Order Manager and China Representative

Wisenbaker Builder Services

  • Period: June 2013- December 2015
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Job Type: Purchase Order Management, Expeditor, Interpreter
  • Managed purchase orders placed between Wisenbaker Builder Services (WBS) and Chinese suppliers, ensuring orders are accepted and critical deadlines of production and shipping were met on time and according to import/export standards
  • Performed routine inspections of all material from all orders with the end goal of upholding WBS standards and dedication to quality. Oversaw the progress of approved material through from packing to arrival at the port of departure, including vessel booking, proper fumigation, and documentation
  • Facilitated communication between WBS and Chinese suppliers through communication and translation in both English and Chinese. Assisted in travel arrangements for trips to China, including accommodation and trip scheduling

Foreign Manager

Hooley's Irish Pub


  • Period: February 2013 - June 2013
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Job Type: Management, Public Relations
  • Managed Chinese wait staff and kitchen personal to maintain high levels of service for patrons both foreign and Chinese
  • Communicated effectively in both English and Chinese in order to solve issues regarding food service, culture, and customer service
  • Utilized foreign and Chinese social network platforms to promote events, specials and public relations between my establishment and clientele both local and foreign
  • Learned valuable skills for interacting with Chinese staff but catering primarily to foreign customers, including how to maximize employee strengths and make improvements

English Teacher

Xinde English Training School


  • Period: February 2012 - January 2013
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Job Type: Education
  • Worked under direction of Chinese staff and developed understanding of Chinese management style
  • Used lesson planning to manage class time, student talking time, education, and fun
  • Provided one-on-one tutoring for children and adults

Immersion Drill Instructor for Chinese III-IV

Southwestern University Chinese Department

  • Period: August 2010 - May 2011
  • Location: Georgetown, Texas
  • Job Type: Education
  • Lead a weekly class of upper-level Chinese language students in drills and grammar instruction
  • Experienced methodology of immersion type training
  • Developed lesson plans and communication activities with a focus on skill mastery and creative learning

Art Instructor

Painting with a Twist

  • Period: June 2011 - February 2012
  • Location: The Woodlands, Texas
  • Job Type: Arts Instruction/Entertainment
  • Created a fun and entertaining painting environment for all customer demographics
  • Gave constructive advice and encouragement when interacting with patrons to help each person leave satisfied with a unique work of art

Lab Technician

Southwestern University Comparative Psychology Department

  • Period: June 2010 - May 2011
  • Location: Georgetown, Texas
  • Job Type: Research/Lab
  • Designed lab experimentation processes, procedures and executed analytical research
  • Provided for, and upheld IACAUC specified regulations for the care and husbandry of various lab animals
  • Organized and maintained lab surroundings, materials, and equipment

Facility Analyst and Database Manager

Magellan Consulting

  • Period: Seasonal 2007-2010
  • Location: Texas, Colorado, Oregon
  • Job Type: Analyst/ Quality Control
  • Managed a team of peers to collect data and organize that data into facility assessment database
  • Performed quality control function, and uploaded accepted data and images to web-based database
  • Represented myself and the company during client meetings to review progress and milestone schedules

Team Leader


  • Period: July 2011 - November 2011
  • Location: The Woodlands, Texas
  • Job Type: Retail/Sales
  • Managed team members, store opening and closing, and weekly sales reports
  • Prepared teas, sold products, and developed a familiarity with the retail sales environment


Southwestern University

Fall 2007- May 2011, Cum Laude

Matriculated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Minor in Mandarin Chinese. Special area of interest in Comparative Psychology, with a focus on learning.

Xi'an International Studies University, 西安外国语大学

Spring 2010

Intensive study of Chinese language and the Silk Road coupled with field study at historic sites. Highlights include research culminating in ac capstone manuscript, independent study with renowned Calligrapher, and participation in the film documentary 'Globalization Then and Now: Xi'an & the Silk Road', by Khalid Ali.


Teaching English as A Foreign Language Professional Certificate

TEFL Institute, 2012

Technical Skills

Ms. Wilson has taken a hands on approach to cultural understanding studying, living, and working throughout China. She has personally visited numerous factories and carried out quality control inspections throughout China. Her ability to utilize these cultural perspectives makes her an asset of any team. She has a high degree of interpersonal communication skills making her an effective speaker and enabling her to maximize interactions with others for mutual benefit. Not only does Ms. Wilson have rigorous research experience, she is also able to creatively design, carry out, and interpret experimental paradigms, as well as understand and utilize the research findings of others. Beyond these skills she is an accomplished and award winning artist and photographer, and published free-lance artist. In her spare time she has also written a work of her 2010 travels in China.

Mandarin Chinese

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Windows/ Mac OS

Interpersonal Communication

  • Presentations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service



  • The History, Biology, and Modern Relevance of Homing Pigeons, U.S. Consulate, Guangzhou China, 2012; Idea Exchange, Guangzhou China 2016
  • Research presenter at 2011 South Western Comparative Psychology Association, 2011
  • Presenter at Southwestern University Student Works Symposium, 2011
  • Artistic works exhibited in Southwestern Fine Arts Gallery, 2009 and 2010 Shows, Austin, Texas

Recognitions & Awards

  • Southwestern Merit Scholar 2007 to 2011
  • Paideia Scholar 2008 to 2011
  • Member of Psi Chi: International Psychology Honor Society
  • Winner of Alliance for Global Education Spring 2010 photo contest
  • Winner of Southwestern University 2011 study abroad photo contest


Alpha Xi Delta Women's Fraternity

Panhellenic Representative 2008

Marshall 2010

  • Autism Speaks
  • Walk for Autism
  • Children's Club

Schools for Children of the World

Hearts for Honduras

Summer 2007

  • School building in rural villages in Canchias, Honduras

National Charity League

2004 to 2007

President 2006

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Leap of Faith

Supporter and Participant of Lion's Club International

Since 2004

  • LEO's
  • White Cane Day
  • Community Bingo
  • Special Education Easter Egg Hunt